The Swing for Flute and Piano


The composer’s popular composition, The Swing, beloved by piano students and teachers internationally, has been adapted for the enjoyment and musical needs of the developingflutist. This descriptive and lyrical piece is part of Through the Windowpane, a collection of eight captivating piano solos. Each piece corresponds to a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson and reinforces specific artistic concepts. They were composed to encourage developing musicians to explore the inherent value of poetry in music and to be bold in expressing that same poetry in performance. The Swing for piano has been published in the RCM and ABRSM syllabi and is included in curriculums nationally and internationally. Model performances of the original compositions have been provided by the composer at

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Musical and technical concepts reinforced in The Swing:

  • 3/4 meter and a swinging feel
  • Shaping of smaller phrases into larger phrases
  • Development of breath
  • A singing, lyrical tone

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Hardcopy version (only available in the U.S.), Digital version